The purpose of the Rainbow Fund is to work with financing in support of competent organisations and projects in countries where rainbow persons are discriminated, persecuted and killed. The Rainbow Fund also works on impact projects in collaboration with other organisations.

Our vision

Rainbow people all over the world should have full human liberties and democratic rights.

Our history

During our lifetime, HBTQ people in Sweden have experienced changes that nobody could dream of. We have gained freedom, respect and the opportunity to live our lives the way we want to. At the same time, the situation for rainbow people in many other countries is worse than ever before. We feel upset and forlorn. In Africa and the Middle East. In Russia and Eastern Europe. In Asia and Latin America. People are imprisoned, tortured and killed for who they are.

We have to do something. Why? Because we can!

That’s why we founded the Rainbow Fund in 2014.

We work on a voluntary basis and try to keep all administrative costs down.

Core values & purpose

The purpose of the Fund is to financially help HBTQ people around the world, as well as individuals, primarily in countries where HBTQ people are stalked and harassed by authorities, police and religious institutions.

Our funds will not go to organisations or individuals who do not respect human rights and freedoms. These include racism, and antisemitism, sexism and children’s rights. We are always credible, transparent and make the difference. The Fund must keep its own administrative costs to a minimum. As much money as possible should go to the projects. We don’t build organisations for the sake of the building organisations. We do not compete with other organisations, but always seek cooperation. It should be fun to work at and together with Rainbow Fund