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Transvanilla Transgender Association in Hungary

Transvanilla aims to empower trans and gender non-conform (TGN) communities and advocates for the interests of TGN people. The goal is to empower TGN people to achieve social, legal and medical change.

About the initiative

Being a trans (including non-binary) or gender-nonconform (TGN) person in Hungary is extremely difficult. Society has very little knowledge on TGN issues and the visibility of TGN people and their issues is very low. TGN persons face ignorance and are stigmatized by various segments of society including media, health care and legal professionals, policy makers and administrative personnel. Discrimination and violence are becoming more and more part of everyday life.

Transvanilla is the only organisation in the country which focuses on trans issues. The organisation is the only place to turn to by many in our community. The resources are very limited and it is difficult to serve the growing needs.

Key activities

Community building and empowerment with support services and community gatherings.

Counselling and support groups.

Advocacy on legal gender recognition and on trans specific health-care.

Monitoring discrimination and violence, providing free psycho-social, psychological and legal support.

The visible trans program seeks to gain attention of the wider public on TGN issues through media activities and organising/attending events.