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Regnbågsfonden have financed projects in Ukraine supporting LGBTQ-children and youth since 2018. After Russias invasion in February the situation has become critical. Regnbågsfonden give financial support so the organisations can continue their work.



LGBTQ adolescents are one of the groups in Ukraine that is particularly at risk of being subjected to violence and sexual abuse. Within the country, there is still widespread homophobia and threats, violence and discrimination due to gender and sexual orientation are common.  Adolescents who come out as LGBTQ risk being thrown out of their homes and subjected to hate crimes both at school and in society. Adolescents who have not come out are at risk of being exposed to threats and extortion and often avoid seeking help or reporting crimes due to the risk of stigmatisation and discrimination.

Together with Childhood, Regnbågsfonden is supporting two projects in the Ukraine that combine an understanding and commitment to LGBTQ rights with special expertise and a focus on preventing violence and sexual abuse of children and young people.

Regnbågsfonden continue supporting the projects during 2021.

  • From Needs to Actions with project partner Fulcrum

Fulcrum was founded in 2009 and works to promote the rights of LGBTQ people and for them to be accepted at home, at work and in society. They provide medical, social and psychological support, as well as information and education to LGBTQ people, including through their web portal and the website

  • The first steps for LGBT adolescents with project partner LGBT Association LIGA

The project aims to make LGBTQ issues more visible in schools and to ensure that LGBTQ adolescents are treated by knowledgeable and non-discriminatory school psychologists when seeking help. School psychologists should be available to all adolescents and they can seek help without having to tell their parents about it. With the right knowledge and treatment, they could therefore be a safe zone for adolescents who need someone to talk to or who need protection and support.