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Fahad Rainbowhouse



Fahad was gay. Was, because he was brutally murdered last summer. Because he was gay. We will never know who did it. The police will not investigate. Fahad was a member of the Happy Youth Family Uganda. An organisation that works with rainbow people and HIV.

Due to the sanctioned discrimination, many rainbow people flee to Kampala from the rest of the country. Kampala has a great need for safe houses because of the extremely vulnerable life situation – currently there are only three safe houses in a city the size of Stockholm.

– currently there are only three safe houses in a city the size of Stockholm.

The overall aim of the project is to create a safe house for 50 rainbow adolescents over the two-year project period. The secondary purpose is to help people find a job, education and a home. The third goal is to find a sustainable model for funding the safe houses after the project period.

Happy Family Youth Uganda is a grassroots organisation in Kampala that works with key populations and rainbow people.

KWETU Connectors is a Swedish non-profit organisation that aims to develop project ideas aimed at improving living conditions for vulnerable people, particularly those living with HIV/AIDS, in Rwanda and Uganda.

About Regnbågsfonden

The purpose of the Fund is to financially help HBTQ people around the world, as well as individuals, primarily in countries where HBTQ people are stalked and harassed by authorities, police and religious institutions.

Our funds will not go to organisations or individuals who do not respect human rights and freedoms. These include racism, and antisemitism, sexism and children’s rights.