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Hatter Society



Hungary – Support to local actor 

In July 2021, a new law came into force in Hungary. The law, among other things, forbids the portrayal of LGBTQI people in public service media and sharing of content that “shows or promotes homosexuality or gender reassignment” with minors. In practice, this means that products, advertisements etc. related to LGBTQI matters are banned if they potentially reaches young people under the age of 18. The ban includes educational programs. This, of course, makes Hungary’s LGBTQI people, especially young people, even more vulnerable. Hungary’s LGBTQI movement fears an increase in harassments and violence.

In April 2022, in connection with the Hungarian parliamentary elections, there will be a referendum on children’s access to information about sexual orientation and gender identity. The referendum has provoked sharp criticism from the EU, among others, since it reinforces prejudice and hatred against LGBTQI people, and consequently has a significant negative impact on their rights.

Hatter – The organization

Regnbågsfonden supports the organization Hatter Society, which consists of a broad coalition of organizations working for the rights of LGBTQI organizations. The provided resources will be used for a campaign to counteract the effects of the law and encourage people to reject the proposal in the referendum in April. The campaign will consist of hopeful messages and counteract discrimination by producing films, creating information pages and being active in social media.

Hatter tells Regnbågsfonden “the government wants to make LGBTQI people enemies of the people, but the Hungarians don’t want hatred and provocations. We will work to change this inhuman and abusive law with all available legal means, both within and outside the country.”