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Support for the LGBTQ movement in Turkey

In Turkey, under Erdogan, the situation for LGBTQ-people have become much harder.

Regnbågsfonden give support to SPoD, an organisation working for LGBTQ-rights on a national level, to cover their basic costs as rent and electricity so they can continue their work.

The organization SPoD

In Turkey, under Erdogan, the LGBTQ movement has been hit hard and operates in a conservative context dominated by discrimination, narrow-mindedness and hatred.

SPoD (Social Policy, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association) is one of Turkey’s largest LGBTQ organizations. They work, at a national level, for the full rights of LGBTQ people in Turkey and give individuals psychosocial support and legal help.

Regnbågsfonden provides SPoD with financial support to cover the most basic costs, such as rent and electricity, so that they can continue to operate.