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The Rainbow Fund continues to support safe housing for refugees from the Caucasus.

The many testimonies from Chechnya have become known by LGBT-Network opening an email address in March through which Chechens have had the opportunity to contact us. Together with Novaja Gazeta newspaper and human rights organisations, they have compiled and published testimonies about how LGBTQ people arrested by the police are subjected to severe torture, degrading treatment and how honour killings are committed against lesbians and gays.

Since April 2017, the Rainbow Fund has supported a network that provides Chechen refugees with protection and support. This includes renting apartments for sheltered housing, food, psychological and medical assistance.

Read more about this in Swedish Gay Magazine QX:

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About Regnbågsfonden

The purpose of the Fund is to financially help HBTQ people around the world, as well as individuals, primarily in countries where HBTQ people are stalked and harassed by authorities, police and religious institutions.

Our funds will not go to organisations or individuals who do not respect human rights and freedoms. These include racism, and antisemitism, sexism and children’s rights.