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hbtqi-initiative in Africa & Asia



Rainbow Kick-Off 2.0 2021

Regnbågsfonden and RFSL continue to collaborate with small-scale support for LGBTQI initiatives in southern and eastern Africa and Southeast Asia.

The purpose of Rainbow Kick-Off is to enable organization, mobilization and activities. Rainbow Kick-Off supports local initiatives for the rights of LGBTQI persons. To break the isolation, create visibility and influence the structures. Given the imbalance in the funding available, priority will be given to trans- and intersex organizations and organizations run by lesbians and bisexuals.

Passionerade hbtqi-aktivister

All over the world, there are brave, uncompromising LGBTQI activists who are fighting against an often strong and organized resistance. Organizations and groups driven by a passionate desire for human rights to apply to all people, regardless of who you are and who you love. These groups often work under severe pressure, with major challenges in finding funding, establishing themselves, reaching out to the community, organizing and mobilizing for change.

With a lack of capacity and resources, it is difficult to get support to start up initiatives and conduct activities. Within the movement, trans and intersex groups as well as organization led by lesbians and bisexuals are particularly underfunded.

Despite all the challenges that exist, a budding movement is emerging that works for human rights for all and that is largely maintained by non-profit forces, by individuals and activists.

More about the initiative

Through Rainbow Kick-Off, LGBTQI activists can be given the opportunity to realize their ideas in the fight for a better world through small-scale support for LGBTQI initiatives in southern and eastern Africa and in Southeast Asia.

In 2019, seven initiatives were funded through Rainbow Kick-Off in South Africa, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Indonesia.