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Moscow Community Center


Moscow Community Center 2016-2019

The Rainbow Fund funds the activities of the Moscow Community Center for LGBT Initiatives (MCC) in Russia.

The funding goes towards rental of premises and other business support as the organisation is financially weak. Financing takes place during the second half of 2016, during the autumn of 2017 and throughout 2018 and 2019.

Moscow Community Center

The Rainbow Fundation finances the activitiesof the Moscow Community Center for LGBT initiatives (MCC) in Russia. The contribution is used both for the rent of the premises and other operational support. Contribution is provided for the second part of 2016, the fall of 2017 and throughout 2018.

What is the Moscow Community Center?

MCC is a non-profit organisation that carries out various educational projects, works with dissemination of information and gathers activists in the Moscow region.

In 2016, MCC held about 750 events involving more than 4200 people.

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About Regnbågsfonden

The purpose of the Fund is to financially help HBTQ people around the world, as well as individuals, primarily in countries where HBTQ people are stalked and harassed by authorities, police and religious institutions.

Our funds will not go to organisations or individuals who do not respect human rights and freedoms. These include racism, and antisemitism, sexism and children’s rights.