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Polish Society for Anti-discrimination Law (PSAL)




Legal support in Poland – PSAL

The Polish Society for Anti-Discrimination Law (PSAL) is a Polish civil society organisation that organises solicitors and other lawyers who want to work voluntarily to pursue legal cases to protect human rights and work against discrimination.

Those who need the help of lawyers pay nothing, PSAL’s network of lawyers and law firms work on a non-profit basis and PSAL bears for all costs of the legal cases.

Lawyers from PSAL and Pro Bono for Equality network

Difficult situation in Poland

In Poland, the LGBTQI community is currently experiencing a strong backlash, due to the government’s policies. PSAL estimates that the number of cases of violence and discrimination against LGBTQ people has increased significantly and there have also been instances where various local communities have declared themselves “LGBTQ-free zones”. Poland already lacks legal recognition and protection for LGBTQ people’s relationships and families, PSAL describes, but in 2020 there have been more cases of discrimination and hate crime than ever before. LGBTQI activists who protest against human rights violations are prosecuted and right-wing organisations systematically report them to pursue strategic legal cases.

Legal advice and assistance in court

In 2021, the Rainbow Fund is supporting PSAL’s work to pursue cases involving LGBTQ persons. With the help of our support, PSAL can now offer legal advice in cases of discrimination to more individuals and pursue a number of cases in court. In 2021 this includes:

  • A case where activists want a famous abortion opponent to be convicted of incitement against ethnic groups after her statements about LGBTQI people.
  • PSAL defends the activists who created the “Atlas of Hate” where they highlighted the “LGBTQ-free zones” and were reported for defamation by right-wing extremists.
  • Cases pursued in order to achieve gender-neutral marriage legislation in Poland.
  • Discrimination cases concerning discrimination in the workplace – cases that can be pursued thanks to EU legislation in this area (working life and discrimination based on sexual orientation).