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Training of key professionals in Iraq

IraQueer is Iraq’s first national LGBT+ organization. IraQueer focuses on education, advocacy, and providing
direct services, for example safe houses.

LGBT+ Iraqis continue to face discrimination and violence committed by service providers. The Rainbow Fund support IraQueer in a project where they train government officials, religious leaders and NGO-workers in LGBTQ-rights.

“Regnbagsfonden’s support is crucial for the work we do. Over the last year, the Iraqi and Kurdish governments attempted to criminalize LGBT+ identities multiple times. This indicates how much pushback the community is facing and how needed raising awareness is about LGBT+ rights. Regnbagsfonden’s support will enable us do that type of education and train government officials, religious leaders, and others who normally lead the fight against us. With this grant, we can create allies who will slowly help us make LGBT+ rights a mainstream issue, and not just an issue LGBT+ people care about.” 

Amir Ashour, Founder of IraQueer