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Emergency support to Ukraine

Even before Russias invasion in Ukraine, the LGBTQ-community was particulary vulnerable and had to endure discrimination, harassment and threats on a daily basis. Since the war started, the situation has worsened. The LGBTQ-community have a hard time to access humanitarian services and are denied support from many organisations. The Rainbow Fund support RFSLs work in Ukraine which focuses on the most vulnerable groups in the LGBTQ-community.

Foto: Christina Pashkina

RFSL in Ukraine

RFSL collaborate with Ukrainian organizations since many years to enable an organized civil society. They give support as resources, education and exchange of experiences. A promising development have now turned up side down since the war started. Since the invasion, RFSL have changed their focus to direct support to individuals who are staying in their home towns by choice or by force, those who are internally displaced or individuals who flee to other countries.