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The Rainbow Fund provides support to the Casabierta organisation formed by human rights activists in 2013 in San José, Costa Rica.

Casabierta helps LGBTQI people who come to Costa Rica after fleeing their home countries after direct threats to their lives due to their sexual orientation and/or political activism in defence of human rights.

Regnbågsfonden has provided support to Casabierta since 2018. The overall goal is to establish an information and support center for LGBTQI persons seeking protection in Costa Rica.

With the help of the Regnbågsfonden, there is now a specialized center for LGBTQI migrants from the region in Costa Rica. Having a physical location has made a big difference to Casabierta’s activities. The center provides legal advice, information, psychological support, help with basic medicines and food. In 2020, 92 LGBTQI migrants were able to receive support from the center. Casabierta also works with other actors to influence authorities to facilitate and improve the situation for LGBTQI migrants.

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About Regnbågsfonden

The purpose of the Fund is to financially help HBTQ people around the world, as well as individuals, primarily in countries where HBTQ people are stalked and harassed by authorities, police and religious institutions.

Our funds will not go to organisations or individuals who do not respect human rights and freedoms. These include racism, and antisemitism, sexism and children’s rights.