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Campaign for a Latvian Partnership Act

In Latvia, since 2018, a number of events has brought the country closer to a Partnership Act that would offer an alternative to marriage. Above all, it would mean the recognition of “rainbow families”. However, the proposal has been faced with systematic opposition. Among other things, a collection of names is circulating to counteract the change in the law. Regnbågsfonden supports the Dzīvesbiedri movement, which is campaigning for a gender-neutral Partnership Act to be adopted.

Emergency support for Tbilisi Pride, Georgia

The Dzīvesbiedri movement consists of organizations, lawyers, communication experts and lobbyists working for the adoption of a gender-neutral partnership law by Latvia. The movement is conducting a long-term campaign to influence decision-makers and public opinion from three different angles:

  1. Lobbying activities against politicians and decision makers.
  2. Legal activities, including preparation of legal documents and arguments.
  3. Communication activities to influence public opinion.

Regnbågsfonden provides financial support for the movement’s campaign. Kaspar Zalatis, chairman of the Dzīvesbiedri movement says:

“We have reached historic milestones for a Partnership Act in Latvia. In the 30 years since decriminalization, LGBTQ rights have been ignored and restricted, but now we have reached new successes. Over 55% of the population supports the Partnership Act for ”non-same-sex couples” and 45% for same-sex couples. Currently we have three state-led working groups in the Ministry of Justice and Parliament. We are changing the hearts and minds of our people. We are very happy that you are part of this historic process.”